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Oyster and caviar tasting in the tidelands with Johannes King

Exclusive Romanée Conti dinner in the fireside lounge

Tour de Sylt

Bouillabaisse and seafood evening in the Port-Room

Champagne breakfast on all days

Private Jet flight from your nearest airport in Germany

A jewel on the dune

A unique 2-star restaurant and 5-star hotel on Sylt, a little out of Rantum, an outstanding location in the middle of the dunes in every respect. View to the left, endless sand beach, view to the right, endless sand beach. Having a spontaneous picnic on the beach, enjoying a last drink outside at night, swimming before the open-end breakfast, just walking barefoot all day long? Complete understanding.

Flexibility right from the start: Your calendar determines the flight schedule 

Your desired arrival or departure time at Söl’ring Hof is decisive and determines the pace. The departure time with the modern private aircraft of Lohn Aviation will be adjusted accordingly and exactly matched to your schedule. You will arrive at the airport only 15 minutes before departure. The most modern aircraft of the Lohn Aviation fleet will be personally piloted by Nicolas Lohn on this trip, who will of course also meet you personally at your airport of choice. Up, up and away we fly over the clouds until the striking island silhouette appears in front of the window at some point…

After landing, off to the tidelands – with Johannes King

Together with Johannes King you will go on an oyster and caviar tasting in the Wadden Sea, of course in authentic Frisian mink and rubber boots. He will personally explain all the facets of these two culinary highlights to you – champagne included. Could a stay on Sylt start more beautifully? In order to end the day as maritime as it began, the Port-Room will be exclusively prepared for you in the evening: The Bouillabaisse à la King awaits you as well as an unbeatable seafood platter. Open end!

Day two: We open our treasure chamber for you

Your second day with us on the island will start with an extensive champagne breakfast. You can then choose to go on tour: with Silke von Bremen on a cultural tour, during which – no matter which location you choose for your individual tour – you are sure to learn something new about Sylt life in the past and today. The alternative is a sporty Boßel tour. Whatever you choose, the time spent in the salty North Sea air will sharpen your senses and taste buds for the following evening.

Salon champagne, La Tâche & Romanée-Conti: High End at it’s best!

In our wine cellar many unique wines are just waiting to be tasted. To uncork the best of the best for you during these days is a special pleasure for us. To start your high-end evening in the fireside lounge, Bärbel Ring – Sommelière of the year – will serve you a champagne from the Champagne Salon. A good thing that only the best vintages are sold – in the entire 20th century this was only 39 times! More is not possible? Jan-Philipp Berner and his team will seduce you with the finest culinary delights, while a La Tache is being prepared for you in the wine cellar of the house. The vinological journey takes you further into Burgundy. Our connection to Romanée-Conti_Weinen has always been a special one and we are happy to share this with you from the bottom of our hearts! This vineyard is rightly considered to be the best in Burgundy compared to Pinot Noir, one of the most perfect wines in the world. What do you get from the kitchen? Surprise! To round off the event, Sommelière Bärbel Ring opens a ’63 Vintage Port for you. What else remains to be said? That is entirely up to you.

It’s hard to say goodbye

After the champagne breakfast the next day you will have your way back, of course with all extras on board of Lohn Aviation’s private aircraft.

Beyond the horizon –
Exclusiveness in the Söl’ring Hof is not just an empty promise

Arrange your stay according to your personal logbook.

Prices on request.

Offer subject to availability of aircraft and rooms. Errors and price changes reserved.
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