Individual premium service worldwide

In our fast-paced times, resting and waiting has never been our choice. We are constantly on the run, rushing between meetings, overseeing internal processes and travel itineraries, and even our everyday life and relationships are micromanaged to the max.

Lohn Aviation is slowing down by speeding up. Let us ground you – up in the air. What seems contradictory at first impression is in fact our main business principle: to look after your every travel needs in the most personalized and professional manner, with our heart and soul and fully committed at all times. Take a deep breath and relax on board. Flying privately has nothing to do with a specific status. We are merely providing you with some me-time, whilst arranging everything possible to please you.

Whatever you are planning, we are most passionate about everything we do and far more than a private jet company flying you from A to B. Our personal service begins before you are boarding your flight, and it does not finish at disembarkation. We will take any time that is needed to meet all your preferences and fulfill all your requests in our fast-moving time.

Private Jet

Lohn Aviation Executive serves destinations worldwide with a young fleet of private jets, on average four years old. We cover a large variety of operational areas and requirements. Our fleet ranges from a Diamond DA40 NG up to a Falcon 8X with which we even fly to unconventional destinations whilst providing a highly personalized and passenger-oriented service at all times.



Our own subsidiary focuses on international diplomatic flights and charter operations for premium tour operators. We offer ad-hoc flights as well as regular longterm services. Lohn Aviation Charter manages a fleet of Airbus A320, Airbus A340 and Boeing 777 plus additional aircraft through our approved airline partners.


Private Jet Travel

Travel to your dream destinations and places of inspiration with Lohn Aviation in a private jet. We combine the best hotels, villas and other exquisite accommodation with private jet flights to create exclusive packages.



Operates cargo flights between Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as the Middle East with our managed fleet of Airbus A330, Boeing 767, Boeing 777 and Boeing 747. Thanks to our worldwide network of approved handling agents, Lohn Aviation Cargo covers the entire logistics supply chain and can also provide door-to-door services.


Aircraft Management

Reliability and security for your private jet and your privacy. Whether disposition, crew service, fuel purchase, tax optimization – you can rely on our top level performance.



Lohn Aviation provides independent and comprehensive advice in the areas of mobility management and airport management. All consultants are or have been in management positions in aviation. Some also hold a professorship.


Authentic & honest travel

Greenwashing damages our environment. At Lohn Aviation, sustainability commences with fair working conditions, adequate salaries for our entire Team and external service providers. Are you conscious about flying climate-friendly or climate-neutral? Together, let us minimize the fuel consumption for your flight. We are also happy to compensate the CO2 emissions with certificates. We are constantly analyzing ways to protect our environment. Our commitment to enviroment comes from our heart. Showing off is not our style.

Lohn Aviation Private Miles

Earn exclusive Private Miles on flights with Lohn Aviation Executive.

You can redeem your miles for flights with Lohn Aviation Executive or with our travel partners worldwide.


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