Lohn Aviation™ also flies your freight reliable and fast to destinations worldwide. Our logistics solutions are as versatile as the tasks of our customers. If you wish, we can not only provide you with air cargo, we also provide complete fulfillment. Door to door. We handle the documentation, customs, packaging for shipment, etc. with the highest standards of quality.

We provide top performance. Express means for us 3 hours from booking to departure.

In addition to our fleet, we have access to a large network of partner airlines so that we can also ship your goods at economical prices in the hold of passenger flights.

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One quick call and the flight is booked. Very professional and uncomplicated.
„Thank you very much for the great service. Everything went perfectly and absolutely smoothly.“
Thomas Koch
“Departure at 8 am in Frankfurt, Germany at 10 am I was already on the fair in Linz Austria. In the evening at 20 o’clock I was sitting again on my terrace in Frankfurt. With a commercial airline flight It would have been a 2 days journey!”

“Since the foundation of the company, two things have been particularly close to my heart: your safety and entire satisfaction. To achieve this, we operate one of the most modern fleets with an average age of the aircrafts of 3 years and younger. Furthermore, I am always dedicated to assist our valued customers personally.”

Nicolas Lohn • Founder & Commercial Pilot

We are pleased to assist you personally