Same-day Express Cargo

Lohn Aviation Same-day Express Freight ensures the reliable transportation of your cargo so that it reaches its destination in the least amount of time. We are experts in the time-critical transport of your cargo and manage a fleet of different aircraft types. We also have access to the capacities of our certified airline partners.

Whether it’s an urgently needed component, an organ, a time-critical shipment of pharmaceutical industry substances or an AOG, Lohn Aviation Same-day Express understands the challenge and organises the on-time delivery of your shipment. Whether you only need airport-to-airport or door-to-door logistics. We take care of all the details of your freight, including pre- and on-carriage if required.

From a few kilograms to a tonne, from a small parcel to a Euro pallet, you can rely on Lohn Aviation Executive’s high reliability fleet. With an average age of only 4 years, we ensure maximum reliability and accuracy.

What are your requirements when shipping time-critical cargo? The experts at Lohn Aviation Same-day Express will be happy to assist you personally.

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Our Fields of Operation

Our main business areas at Same-day Express Freight are as diverse as the requirements of our customers. So feel free to challenge us with your needs.

Organ transports

Organ transports and medical transports with a half life cycle

Factory downtime

When factories stand still, every minute counts

AOG Support

We fly your mechanics and spare parts reliably and quickly

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry

Liquids with half-life and strict cooling/heating requirements

Indications - Same-day Express Fracht

Frankfurt-Ostrava, 10 small packages (approx. 90 kg), approx. 4,990 €*.

Cologne-Lisbon, 15 small packages (approx. 200 kg), approx. 14,990 €*

Frankfurt-Prague, 1 Euro pallet (approx. 950 kg), approx. 7,300 €*

Berlin-Dublin, 15 small parcels (approx. 200 kg), approx. 11,300 €*

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We define new standards -

Our USPs

Our unique advantages ensure the fast, reliable and safe shipment of your freight.

Fleet based across Europe

Low preparation times, short positioning flights and economic rates

Versatile fleet

1 kilogram to 1 ton. We organise the most cost-effective and fastest option for your shipment

Modern fleet

Average age of 4 years. Maximum reliability for your express freight.

Cargo handling

We organise the entire cargo handling for you. If you wish, we can also take care of trucking etc. of your consignment

*= All prices are indicative. The actual prices depend on the current location of the aircraft, airport charges, fuel prices, etc. and may therefore differ from the above indications. A guarantee for the above-mentioned indications is therefore not possible. Offer subject to change according to availability of the aircraft.