Directly to your destination
and always close to your wishes

There are many situations in life that a private flight has made much more pleasant, not to mention the relaxing side effects. The team to the meeting, the goods to the customer immediately, to be back with the family for dinner today, the delegation to New York the day after tomorrow please, red roses for the flight and the Labrador has to come too? No problem at all. Without queuing, without endless lead times, just come to the airport a few minutes before take-off. Or would you rather have us pick you up?

We love challenging tasks, so please challenge us with your very own ideas.

Your wish-less happiness is our goal.

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Nothing is unreachable
and standard is a non-existent word for us

Originally, the Pilatus PC-12 was designed for the Australian bush. Fast missions in rough terrain, unconventional targets, short runways. This fits perfectly with our mission to have the impossible possible for you. Because the aircraft also go where others have long had to pass. And that with a fleet that is as versatile as it is emotional. As a passenger as much as as a pilot.

Yes, we fly with a lot of heart and soul, not just with jet fuel.

we have to talk about that

With an average age of four years, our aircraft are much younger compared to most other companies. We challenge our pilots longer and more often in the flight simulator and in advanced training.

Legal requirements are not only a standard for us, but above all a runway for additional, excellent extra services. You can expect everything from us, but never standard.

We simply always do more. For you and for your safety.

A fleet diversity
With exceptional talent

From the short-haul specialist DA40 NG to the exclusive and long-range Falcon 8X, and plenty of particularly attractive aircraft in between: our fleet is extremely diverse and versatile to meet your requirements in all circumstances. Whether you’re travelling with a large team or all by yourself. No matter what drives you and where you want to land.

Take the advantages of private flying with a smile, because there are no disadvantages.


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Sustainable & honest on the way

Few things are as damaging to the environment as greenwashing. For us, sustainability begins with proper working conditions and fair pay, for all employees as well as for all services. Would you like to fly in a climate-friendly or climate-neutral way? Let us work together to minimise the fuel consumption of your project. We will also be happy to compensate the CO2 emissions of your flights with certificates. It goes without saying that we continuously check our daily routine with regard to resource conservation.

Our commitment comes from the heart. It doesn’t need a big show.

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