Straight to your destination

Your preferences always on our mind

Flying privately makes your life more comfortable and hassle free, let alone the pleasant side effects. Your Team needs to get to a meeting on time, or a delivery must be flown to a customer immediately? Maybe your family expects you to be back from your business trip for dinner? A VIP delegation has to travel to New York in two days’ time? Red roses for the flight and the Labrador shall join too?

No problem. Just arrive at the airport a few minutes prior to your flight. No queuing, no stress. Or shall we rather send one of our drivers to pick you up? We love special tasks, so do challenge us with your own ideas and preferences. It is our utmost goal to see you perfectly happy.

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The sky is the limit –

You won’t find standard in our vocabulary

Originally, Pilatus PC-12 was conceptualized for the Australian outback. Quick action in rough topography, destinations off the beaten track, short runways. It is our commitment to make the impossible possible. Our aircraft will even reach where others have to pass. Our valued passengers and pilots alike, both love the versatility and comfort of our emotional fleet. We fly with our heart and soul, not just with jet fuel.

Let‘s talk about safety

Our aircraft have an average age of only four years and are much younger than those of other private jet companies. We put a great emphasis on constantly training our pilots in flight simulators and skill enhancement measures. Our strict compliance with legal requirements may be taken for granted. They are the foundation for our daily operation and excellent extra services. You may expect everything from us, except standard.

We strive to outperform – for you and your safety.

Exceptional talents

guarantee the diversity of our fleet

Lohn Aviation’s fleet is very diverse and ready to cater for all specific requirements. From our shorthaul specialist aircraft DA62 up to the top exclusive Falcon 8X for longhaul flights, to name just two. No matter whether you will fly on your own or with the Board. No matter what is driving you and where you want us to take you. Flying privately gives you only benefits, so why not enjoy them with a smile? Because there are no cons.

Lohn Aviation Private Miles

Earn exclusive Private Miles on flights with Lohn Aviation Executive.

Redeem your miles for flights with Lohn Aviation Executive or with our luxury travel partners worldwide.



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Authentic & honest travel

Greenwashing damages our environment. At Lohn Aviation, sustainability commences with fair working conditions, adequate salaries for our entire Team and external service providers. Are you conscious about flying climate-friendly or climate-neutral? Together, let us minimize the fuel consumption for your flight. We are also happy to compensate the CO2 emissions with certificates. We are constantly analyzing ways to protect our environment. Our commitment to enviroment comes from our heart. Showing off is not our style.

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