Discover the most beautiful and remote regions of our earth. Far away from mass tourism, Lohn Aviation™ takes you to destinations that you cannot reach with a conventional airline. We combine the best hotels, villas and other exquisite accommodation with private jet flights to create exclusive packages. Travel comfortably in a private jet to your dream destinations. With Lohn Aviation™, your journey begins as soon as you leave home.

We would also be glad to create your own personal dream vacation. We look forward to making your travel wishes come true, just contact us.

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Sustainable & Fair

Responsibility and environmental protection are part of our DNA. We set a clear statement against the exploitation of employees and the overexploitation of the environment. Every person who contributes his or her skills to our group of companies is paid appropriately and above average. We also set a clear signal for a better environment. We offer you the possibility to fly CO2-neutral. If you wish, we can offset the CO2 emissions of your flights with certificates so that your flights are neutralised in your balance sheet.